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Mastercard is one of the largest financial institutions in the global payments business. In May 2019, Mastercard wanted to grow its core business globally by diversifying customers and geographies. I joined one of their venture incubator project for personal wealth management. 


Problem framing 

Concept development





2019 Nov. - 2020 May

My Role

Design strategy


Brand Identity


Lack of simple, stress-free ways for personal finance. Transactions, bills, docs, and investments are "all over the place..." 

Lack of financial literacy and confidence to make the right financial decision. 

Take on debt, forget to repay, and are apt to impulsive shopping with credit cards. Neglect worsens financial standing and causes anxiety - a chain of vicious cycles and further avoidance



Simple, clean, and user-friendly interface, "one place for all" that doesn't require any skills or knowledge to use

Improve users' financial literacy with educational shorts, courses, and articles to make informed decisions with confidence.

Personalize user experiences with tailored insights, recommendations, and notifications

Hesitate to go to traditional banks for financial advisors due to a lack of trust and accessibility. "many are sales guys..." 

Easy to connect with robot/human advisors for more assistance, with a concierge-level trust and reliability 

" We want to simplify the process and guide individuals through a personalized, reliable, stress-free financial journey with a single application."


After interviewing 8 people aged 21 to 35, we crafted one persona with identified needs, pain points, attitudes, and ways of managing finance. 

visual 00.png

Brand Identity 

Aa 01.png

We design to integrate Mastercard’s iconic color palette with a spirit of freedom, adventure, and positivity through nature photography, 3d graphics, and organic texture. 

visual 2.png
visual 1.png
visual 05.png

Information Architecture 

Screen Shot 2023-05-11 at 5.25.04 AM.png

Design Principles 





The homepage is designed to have the most used data visualized in one place.

The interface is made in a clean, modern, minimalist style, which makes the interaction as clear as possible.

Overview of your financial status​

Being aware of your financial standing and tips to further improve it.

Stay on top of your game

Turn dreams into goals, goals into reality

Start savings for your new goals, big or small

track 1.png

Connect all your financial accounts in one place 

Check balances, know youcredit scores, make loan payments, and schedule transfers to and from other banks. All in one place. 

Users can choose a picture as the page header and set the desired target amount. We want to make this highly personal journey more interactive and meaningful. 

Personalized vision board 

Set up a recurring deposit to save without lifting a finger, and then oversee your transactions right from your dashboard.

Automate your investing


Research any asset on the global market. One-tap access to most financial products - stocks, funds, bonds, options, futures, currencies, ETFs, and crypto.

Explore asset classes 
& diversify portfolio 

Narrow down your search

Search assets by name or ticket. Explore different collections or use filters to narrow down your results. 


Users can quickly initiate investments without switching between multiple applications. This simple tool allows users to take action in real-time with ease and confidence. 

Tesla-3 2.png


Expand financial literacy curated for you

With Plutus, you get resources personalized to your goals and risk level. 

  • Finance articles

  • Market news

  • Short videos

  • Tips and Q&As

  • AI Insights

Unlock more insights

Get guidance on how to start investing, plus access market insights, educational articles, and tips from financial advisors so you can make informed decisions.

Rectangle 34624214.png

Get excited for where
you can go tomorrow.


Card Design

card 1.png

" I am old-school. I like to carry a physical card."                                                                                                   - Alex


Deposit funds from
or into you account

Scan your card to add fund into your
new account. Plutus card allows you to
transfer and withdraw money
commission-free in our partner’s banks
around the globe.

Portfolio Analytics 

Unlock insights:  review your portfolio breakdown

Choose from conservative to aggressive based on your risk levels and life goals. We will assist you to plan for your future. 

  • In-app alerts and notifications keep you informed 

  • Review transactions, statements, tax and loan documents, and more.

Takeaways & Next steps 

1.  Accessibility

Mobile banking should be designed to be accessible for users with disabilities, such as hearing, motor, or visually impaired. This may include features such as voice commands, screen reader support, and keyboard shortcuts to ensure that all customers can access the application seamlessly. 

2.  API Integration 

Integrating with existing banking systems and multiple accounts can be challenging and time-consuming.  Data integration, security implementation, API limitations, and system compatibility require legal compliance and technical solutions. 

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